23 yrs old.
Resides Where Dreams Never Dies.
Free Thinker That Has Been Judged Since The Day Of My Birth. Giving Insight To Things Talked About,But Not Discussed.


Me and my mama..positivity breeds positivity..so be happy while you’re at it!

Air to breathe

Ideas to think about

People that love me

I’m thankful!

Good Morning #LIVVELYFolk..have a great Monday!

#TwoChainPlane..is he real? #StoryOfTheArrival

But that takes a united front….

Tupac had the right idea before he passed..if we take power out of the closed minded hands that have it..we can really make change..

I’m not a “social network revolutionist”..just a brother who wants to make his ancestors proud

#GetLIVVE #LetsUnite

Money is backing their hatred..what’s backing our revolution? Hatred? Revenge?

Let’s learn from the black ppl of “The Great Depression..

I love the protesting for change..but if #BeautifulBlack want to change anything.. Change Society’s account balance


"Trustin’ no man, but give it up to My Lord"


Good Morning #LIVVELYFolk..have a prosperous Friday!

#GetLIVVE #LIVVEFridays #FreeYourMind

Lemme work on being the change I want to see..why scream to others to make it happen


#LetsUnite #WeAreTheInflence

I want the dream that Tupac had…

Every time I walk out my house, I am Society’s nightmare in dress clothing