Interview With Leaf Madtic

Hey, this is ya boy Frankie and Let’s GET LIVVE! This edition of GetLIVVE, I am interviewing with Leaf Madtic of purpVarsity…Let’s get acquianted with Leaf

So you just off the success of your hit “Guardians”..What was the idea behind that?

Leaf Madtic:
Well it was basically the same Idea of the album “Before I Go” it was to show that even tho i lost my mom and my life took a FULL turn im still grinding and im working hard and better than i ever have, and i also saw that i wasnt the only one hurt and down so i called upon my young one Noah Dewel . But in the end LH who made the beat told me he wanted to express himself on the track to so i figured lets put it together….. a Remix is being plotted somewhere along the lines !

So in a way, music has become your
therapy…how are you coping?

Leaf Madtic:
Music has always been my therapy for everything really…I would say that it is the only thing. The only other thing besides music that keeps me going is the support I have around purpV family and my friends who have pushed me to be better in everything I do..but I’m still maintaining in this life day by day !

Good to is always great and I can’t wait to hear that remix. For those who don’t are in the musical collective named purpVarsity and have a collective of your own called LOG..give us insight on the two collectives and how you share your energy between the two Will we be hearing anything from them soon?

Leaf Madtic: purpVarsity is a collective group of talented artist im blessed to be apart of and it all started with a dream by a great guy i know and am happy to call my brother Cazzie. the group consist of 6 artist named : Cazzie , LH , Freddy FoodStamps , Gic , SirPHresh and myself we are all working on solo albums but hopefully one day we will finish our group album. Now LOG is short for “League Of Gentlemen” see i started #LeagueOG because I always wanted to be a mentor towards artists. There are also always things towards music that I always wanted to do that I couldn’t like ghostwrite or produce. My team LOG consist of all young talent,the roster currently is Noah Dowel, Saraii , Gomez, and my little brother Keith with help by our overall Dj, Dj Ayo. Gomez is only a background singer/ poet so he will only appear in the background of the songs , Saraii has a album coming out hopefully at the end of the month. Keith has his album in the works and hopefully he will drop it early next year . All of them will be featured on my upcoming album

That’s wassup..artists helping out other artists to obtain overall growth..we need more of that in the world. You also recently did a feature a rapper named Gic also of purpVarsity called Winner’s did you guys come with that and how was it working with one of your homies from purp?

Leaf Madtic:
If you know me, you know drake is one of my favorite male when Gic hit my line and told me he needed my help on a Drake beat I had nothing but a big “LesGetIt” to say Gic is a great guy and I have fun working with him..Winner Circle was the title because it was a mix up of songs and I never like rapping over other peoples beat so thats why its called Winner Circle!

LIVVE: Now for those that don’t sing and rap..but which one is your forte & which one do you prefer?

Leaf Madtic:My favorite thing in life to do is sing and I’ve been singing since 6 years old in church. It eventually grew on me as I got older..It went from watching Usher and listening to Old school music with my uncle and mother to now watching Drake, Trey Songz and Justin Timberlake. I love to sing and rapping is just something I happen to pick up but singing is the love of my life and nothing makes me more happier then singing Live !

So you are more of a singer than a rapper..I can respect that If you ask me, I think you’re great So what genre of singing is more of your style or are you able to do a variety of genres?

Leaf Madtic:As a singer, i can reach out to the masses through different genres. I really feel like when it comes to music, I have no reason to hold back I mean if I want to do jazz..I can do jazz.. if I want to do soul.. i can do soul..if I want to do R&B.. lets get it..I have no problem with any of it.

Your stage name Leaf Madtic…what’s the story behind the name?

Leaf Madtic: Leaf comes from my real name and the name Madtic came from like everyone . My uncle use to call me Matic because of Nas and when i told him i wanted to be a rapper he always asked was i gonna be as good as the artist who made illmatic but i didnt want to be called Matic i wanted to be different and better so i called myself Madtic and added a meaning to it Mad , Artist , Doing , Things , In, Caution . Because im a mad guy doing things different and if u dont accept better take Caution.!

LIVVE: When did you realize that music was the path for you?

Leaf Madtic: I realized Music was my path when i did my first 3 songs with Cazzie..he always had a dream about who we are and us geting better than what we are but as i started to make my own music and saw the reaction of my fans and the people who support me I decided that music is where i need to be.

LIVVE: Where do you get the ideas behind your songs? Do they come from the past, current moments in time or do you get inspiration from anything around you?

Leaf Madtic: My songs come from Life the past, Present and my hopes for a brighter future its like i long to be happy and Thats what i want to push for

LIVVE: So let’s talk about this upcoming album..B.I.G (Before I Go)..does it have a particular focus cuz from the title, it seems to have a message & how will it compare to your past projects?

Leaf Madtic: Let me see “BIG”.. it doesnt compare to the any albums I put out before and with the focus I’s kind of a mix of many things..I named it before I go because that was the name of the letter I found in my mothers room days after she past away and it was focused on telling me everything she wanted to because she went to a better place.. I took the time to name my album after the letter to tell people who I am and show them the real me. and no more what others want me to be this album is Leaf Madtic i put nothing into this album but my heart, soul and pain and i hope to get a good reaction outta this.

LIVVE: So it’s like an ode to your mom and will give fans a deeper understanding of you “Guardians” was a great way to hook ppl in and I want to hear the rest Btw when does your album drop?

Leaf Madtic: The album “Before I Go (B.I.G) ” drops hopefully on November 19th thats the set date but due to the fact this album will stand out it might get pushed back who knows LIVVE: Hey, I’m not mad at are pouring your everything into no mistakes needed How do you feel you compare to other artists? Leaf Madtic: I feel that I don’t compare to other artists…I’m very different..the difference is even within the name Madtic..only artists that I can honestly say I compare to..are the ones that are around me. LIVVE: What do you want people to know about you when they hear your music? Leaf Madtic: I want people to know that this is the real me..this is who i am..I’m not a trap music artist..I’m a pure artist who wants people to know that this music is a reflection of my story and how I feel. LIVVE: Not only are you good at singing and rapping..I heard you are also good at finding there any truth to this? Leaf Madtic: I hope it is ha. I don’t really want to bring out any artist that is already in the industry! all of L.o.G have true talent ! Even the artists that I have worked with in the past are talented as well.. if u aren’t talented..then I dont want to work with you LIVVE: What do you think about the radio stations in Philly? Do you think they do enough to push the variety of music in Philly?

Leaf Madtic: Personally i hate the Radio point blank they talk about how hip-hop is dead and how alot of rappers are killing it but yet they play and support the artist thats killing it the most i would love to hear more TDE music then hearing a gay rapper named Young Thug who you cant even understand when he raps

LIVVE: Where you do you see yourself in music five years to ten years from now? Leaf Madtic: Hopefully in the Industry as a good artist I don’t really want to be labeled as a top ten or top artist point blank..all I look forward to is the fact that I’m making music that people want to hear. LIVVE: If anybody knows you or follows you on social networks..know that you have a love for R&B artist Elle Varner..Is she is your favorite artist and why do you love her so much? Leaf Madtic: It makes me feel so good inside to hear Gabrielle’s name brung up when it comes to me or Music . Yes, it’s heart beats for Elle unlike any other. I have a high liking for female artists because they bring me life to the fullest. I hate the ones that they bash at males as if we are the only ones who mess up in a relationship..but a beautiful voice and a mic just makes me smile. Now Elle, She makes my heart drop to my knee..its kinda like what Skyler Diggins is to drake..her voice and storylines within music are unlike any other and her vibe is so humble she presents herself as a perfect woman let alone a artist..shes lighter than a leaf in my pocket and she motivates me to sing . You might not get this but mark my words.. “the favor will be returned” and with that being said I love you Ms. Elle Varner! LIVVE: Besides Elle Varner & Drake..if you could perform with someone mainstream.. Who would it be and why? Leaf Madtic: See the answer to this question would have been them two if u didnt count them out but i long for the day i can work wit Sade and Stevie Wonder they are two of my favorite old school artist and have always been on my artist to work with list LIVVE:If anyone wants to get your music or find out about your upcoming events..where can they find that information? If anyone wants to find my music..they can check out my website along with StraightFresh.Net. If they have been my number one supporters since I started music and for my upcoming events u can find them over my socail sites : Facebook- Leaf Madtic , Twitter - @Madtic , Instagram - @Madtic . NOW YOU KNOW»SO FEEL THE VIBE & GET LIVVE!

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